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Lunar Ladies Club

Welcome to the Lunar Ladies Club

Who We Are

We are a community of curious, spiritual women who inspire and support each other while we live according to our soul purpose, leverage the infinite wisdom and timing of the zodiac, and achieve ease, peace, and happiness in our work and life.

Your Guide

Shannon Marie is our Galactic Girl Scout Guide and Storyteller of the Stars. The only cheerleader you'll ever need, join Shannon Marie in Lunar Ladies Club and Inner Circle to embrace your true Self and light your Soul on fire.

The Community

The Lunar Ladies Club is a place to connect with your spiritual direction, be protected by the power of the Pod, guided by the wisdom of the Ages, and encouraged to seek self-empowerment and expansion. 

This is where your Destiny accelerates. 

What Lunar Ladies Club Members Say

"The Lunar Ladies updates have turned out to be such a great source of guidance and inspiration for me. They have helped me focus my energy on actions that I believe have helped me move forward toward greater healing, both physically and spiritually." - Alissa

"I am healed in that I am more aware all the time of the cosmic presence of mother all around us. That we are cared for and nurtured in the ALL. I feel more trust and peace with what is. It is truly a blessing each day. Thank you for sharing your gifts, Shannon." - Shannon

"Before Lunar Ladies, I had no idea I had so much Virgo in my Natal chart! I've learned a lot about myself. Thanks for the knowledge!" - Janice

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